FP/MP hot forging press

FP/MP hot forging press
FP/MP hot forging press

MP hot forging press

< p="">The hot forging press produced by our company is not only well received by domestic customers, but also favored by foreign customers. The products are exported to Vietnam, India, Argentina and other countries. The MP6300T hot die forging press produced by our company was put into production in 2010, and it is now running very well. Welcome people of insight to visit and inspect our company!

The company's hot forging press has applied for a national patent product, patent number: 200620019900.1.

MP hot forging press features:

1, top and bottom material design, saving forging materials, saving energy. 2, the strike speed is fast, the mold thermal contact time is short, and the mold has a long service life. 3. There are working windows on the left and right sides of the frame, and the forgings are convenient to transfer. 4. High production efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance and low production cost. 5, with a special card model liberation design, rapid release, simple operation. 6. A reliable and comprehensive centralized lubrication system and manual relubrication system are provided to effectively reduce friction loss. 7. Adopt PLC control to realize multiple safe operation loop system to ensure operator safety. 8. The US tonnage numerical control instrument is used to visually display the actual forging pressure, and an overload warning device is provided.

       This machine uses:

        Widely used in the automotive, train, ship, aviation, mining machinery, hardware tools industry parts pressure processing, is an indispensable advanced equipment for modern forging plants, is the customer's preferred precision forging machinery.

Main technical parameters of hot forging press:

< td="" align="center">1490×2020
main< technology="">unitFP-400FP -630FP-1000MP-1600MP-2500MP-4000MP-5000MP-6300
Nominal Strike ForceKN40006300100001600025000 400005000063000
Maximum Stroke
mm180 200250280320360 400450
Adjustment amount
mm88 81418283235
< d="">
Maximum clamping height< d="">mm370250 4608751000111013161372
slider size mm600×<600>600660×
950×<> 830960×<1>10501000×<>1340×17171550×1 1871800×1919
Workbench sizemm 780×# 850780×
1120×10501070×# 13001150×12121570×
Main motor powerKW37458095132250280355