What are the classifications of friction presses?

      Friction The press is used to suppress the formation of the material. The materials we apply are made from materials of a specific form. The press is used to form the assembly of the material. According to its transmission situation, the pressure occurs, the layout situation is applied, and the press is classified below.

     (1) Classification of power notification situation of presses

      It is divided into: machine transmission, hydraulic transmission (hydraulic , hydraulic) warfare electromagnetic warfare. Among them, the machine-driven press is strictly used for production.

According to the mold planning method of the National Machine Committee forging press, the machine press has two kinds of presses, one is a press driven by a crank coupling mechanism, one is a crank press and the other is a crank. Press. Crank press. The screw drive notified by the friction wheel is called a friction press. Its superiority is simple layout and low price. Taking the crankshaft punching warfare fair punching, its missing surface is power consumption, and the rate of production is low. It is generally used as a molding assembly for rubber products (presses).

      (2) According to the fuselage classification

       According to the situation, it is divided into open presses Press. Press in parallel so that the operator can go to the workbench with the left and right. The fuselage is all presses and closed presses. The operator can only be biased towards the workbench.

       (3)Message Classification


          The sliding of the press is clamped by the connecting rod, which is called a single-sided press. Single-sided presses are used for presses with smaller work stations.

        2. Double-sided press

         The pressure warfare slider driven by two links is called Two pressure surfaces. The double-sided press is used for the press that is placed on the work table.


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