Main performance of double disc friction press


        Double disc friction presses and other equipment for non-ferrous metal stamping, extrusion, trimming, bending, drawing, calibration and refractory products. Tableware, tools, tools, standard parts, hardware, aviation, automotive, textile machinery and other fields are widely used. The machine has the advantages of simple structure, energy saving, low noise, long service life, safety and reliability, convenient operation and maintenance, wide use and high cost-effectiveness. Widely used in aviation, textile machinery and other industries. In addition, because the screw press has unique energy characteristics, it can meet various process requirements, that is, it can pay more forging energy, and has a certain forging force, and can meet the forging force requirement with a small forging energy. Process adaptability is good.

       Double disc friction press is simple in structure, easy to maintain and durable. In addition to the wear and tear of consumables, there are basically no other fragile devices. The double-disc friction press has now been transformed. The double-disc friction press generates impact force by impact and inertia. The numerical control is driven by the forward and reverse rotation of the motor to drive the lead screw to generate the impact force. Qingdao Haoyuan Yiyou Forging Machinery Co., Ltd. The performance of the later friction press is the same as that of the electric screw press. It is easy to use and operate, consumes less energy, has less wearing parts, has good safety performance, stable quality and high consistency. It completely simulates the manual striking process, improves the pass rate and reduces the production. Cost, each of our electric screw presses is tested by the US tonnage meter before delivery, and the strength reaches the tonnage pressure. This is a revolutionary replacement product in the press industry.