Haoyuan Yiyou Forging Machinery visited the national friction press user line series activities

   Qingdao Haoyuan Yiyou Forging Machinery Co., Ltd. really visited users in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other regions

    In order to strengthen communication and communication with users, improve user satisfaction, accurately grasp user needs, and collect first-hand information for the company's product improvement and production of high-quality products, the company launched user visit activities. In early March, the company's vice president of technology, Han Linyuan, and the head of the customer service department visited the companies in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui. The company's leading products are EF.EM series high-energy electric screw press (electric screw press upgrade version), J58 series electric screw press, MP series hot die forging mechanical press, J55 clutch type screw press, J53, J54 double disc Friction presses, J67, J69, J93 series brick presses, D51, D52, D53K ring rolling machines, and various types of roll forging machines are sold throughout the country and Southeast Asia.

    The company’s leaders attached great importance to this visit. Before departure, the company’s chairman, Jia Yuanyou, said that there would be no enterprises without market, improve product quality and service level, and provide users with quality products and services. It is the requirement of Yiyou Company to pursue excellence, and it is also the driving force for the continuous improvement of Yiyou Company. It is hoped that both parties will achieve a win-win situation. During each visit, the company's technical vice president and customer service department talked with the head of the user company, listened carefully to the customer's opinions, and went deep into the workshop to observe the use of the equipment, and to provide technical guidance or on-site inspection of some problems in the use of some equipment. Maintenance and rectification, carefully record the opinions and suggestions put forward by the users. During the visit, the customers expressed their gratitude to Qingdao Yiyou Forging Machinery Co., Ltd. for their long-term support and help, and said that they will further strengthen cooperation with our company.

     Next, the company will also conduct visits to customers in other regions to better listen to customer feedback and continuously improve products. Quality and service level.

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