What is the difference between the MP series hot forging press and the screw press?

        MP series warm die forging machine is used in the manufacture of automobiles, tractors, internal combustion engines, ships, aviation, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, hardware tools, etc., for a large number of die forging and finishing forgings of black and non-ferrous metals. Forged forgings have high precision, high material utilization rate, high productivity, easy automation, low requirements on workers' technical requirements, low noise and vibration, etc. Therefore, they are widely used in modern forging production and are modern forging production. Indispensable high precision forging equipment.

       MP series warm die forging machine is a crank press with the characteristics of crank press. The thing mechanism is the crane connecting rod slider mechanism. The crankshaft of the electric motorist is rolling one after another, and the slider linearly rolls back and forth.

        Warm die forging is a press that warms the blank and casts it with a die. Presses often have air presses and hydraulic presses, but the crank presses are rarely used for cold stamping because of the useful distance. For the rest of the use of certain auto parts, it is necessary to warm the forging blank.

       The basic working principle of electric screw press The flywheel, sleeve shaft and nut of the motor driven screw press frequently reverse the movement, the nut and the screw form The motion is paid, and the nut drives the screw and the slider to move up and down to generate a striking force. The mechanism of the screw press is the spiral pair. The electromechanical indirect control of the frequency of the screw still starts and stops, and the anti-roller slider of the screw moves to and from the linear motion.

       The compliance of the motor rolling is higher than the frequency of the start and stop, and the slider of the crank press is also higher than the screw press.

        Switching Reluctance Electromechanical Driven Warm Die Forging Press is reliable, trouble free, and not stuffy. Its price is slightly higher than the screw press.

       Spiral presses, the price is cheaper and higher, the hot die forging price is higher.


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