Roller forging machine

Roller forging machine
Roller forging machine

D42-1600 double-supported roll forging machine It is a molding process that introduces rolling deformation into forging production and belongs to rotary compression molding equipment. Roll forging can be divided into blank roll forging and forming roll forging. The blank roll forging is used as a blanking process before die forging to provide a forging blank for a long-axis forging. Forming roll forging can be performed on a roll forging machine or a direct roll forging.  

D42-1600 type roll forging machine The working part of the forging roll is installed between the two-stand bearing, and the forged roll has greater rigidity. The motor drives the flywheel through a V-belt, the flywheel and the single-disc friction clutch mounted therein are placed on the rolling bearing of the first shaft, and the single-disc friction brake is mounted on the first shaft of the other side of the flywheel. By electrically controlling the clutch and the brake to operate at the same time, that is, the clutch is engaged, the brake is opened, and the rotary motion is transmitted by the flywheel through the meshed clutch to the first shaft on which the brake has been released, and is driven by the gear to the lower roller. The upper and lower rolls are rolled at the same speed by the four-gear transmission.  

The main features of the device are:

Equipment structure is simple and easy to operate, equipped Robots and automated production.

       All long axis Forgings of different types and parts with large thickness difference and complicated geometry can be formed by the initial forming process, and then matched with a small forging die forging. Due to the high roll forging speed, the pre-forging and final forging can be completed in one fire. . This

       The production line has high efficiency, low investment and excellent quality of forgings.
      Low material consumption, general material utilization rate is above 80%, which can save raw materials.
      High productivity and energy savings.
      Good mechanical properties and high fatigue life.
      Reducing the impact of the die forging mainframe and increasing the life of the forging die.

D42 -1600 type roll forging machine main technical parameters:

      roll center distance :1600mm (intermediate roll effective width: 1600mm)
       Maximum rolling length of intermediate rolls (2700mm)
       Roll adjustment 30mm
      ; roll speed 6r/min
     &nb Sp; wrought billet side length 260 mm
      Main motor power 220×2kW
      Total weight of the device: 135kg
      The machine is currently especially suitable for rolling bearings and train hook frames for rolling train bridges; Large marine engine connecting rod and crankshaft; front axle of heavy truck. Ultra-thin parts such as titanium alloy blades can also be rolled.


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