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Our MP-5000 tons and MP-6300 tons hot forging presses were successfully tested and delivered to users.

Another MP-5000 ton hot die forging press of our company was successfully tested and delivered to users. The customers who use this model reflect the high precision and high material utilization rate of Forgings forged by Qingdao Yiyou Hot Forging Press. High efficiency, this model has won the praise of customers.
The hot forging press produced by our company is widely used in modern forging production. It is especially suitable for the organization of large-scale production line die forgings. This type of machine has gradually become the main equipment for the production of high precision die forgings. MP hot forging presses are widely used in the pressure processing of automotive, train, ship, aviation, mining machinery, hardware tools industry parts, such as: engine connecting rods, crankshafts, car steering knuckles, chain links and tableware, wrenches.

Another MP-6300 ton hot die forging press of our company was successfully tested and delivered to users. The MP series hot forging press customers consistently reflected that the machine's presses have fast impact speed, high production efficiency, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Greatly reduce production costs.
The main advantages of MP series hot forging press:
1. The impact speed is fast, the mold thermal contact time is short, and the mold has a long service life.
2. High production efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance and low production cost.
3, top and bottom material design, saving forging materials, saving energy.
4. It has a special card liberation device, which is quick to disassemble and easy to operate.
5, using PLC control, to achieve multiple safe operating loop system to ensure operator safety.
6, there are working windows on both sides of the rack, forgings are convenient to transfer, suitable for automated production.
7. The US tonnage numerical control instrument is used to visually display the actual forging force, and there is an overload warning device.
8, with a comprehensive and reliable centralized lubrication system and manual replenishment lubrication system to effectively reduce friction losses.