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J58 series second generation clutch type electric screw press developed successfully and obtained national invention patent

J58 series electric screw press is a national patent product independently developed by Qingdao Yiyou Forging Machinery Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights. It is a forging equipment with strong process adaptability. During the use of J58 series electric screw press, the company continuously improved and improved according to customer feedback information, and improved the comprehensive forging performance of products based on the first generation products. In 2008, the second generation clutch electric screw pressure was successfully developed. Machine, and obtained national invention patent, J58 series clutch type electric screw press can be used for both hot forging and precision forging and finishing. The press is driven by a switched reluctance motor. It is controlled by PLC and equipped with Taiwan programmable panel. It has two kinds of striking energy adjustable. The striking force can be adjusted by the potentiometer on the panel. The striking force and striking energy can be adjusted according to the forming precision. In order to reduce the mechanical stress and thermal contact time of the mold and prolong the life of the mold, while inheriting the advantages of the previous generation electric screw press, it has the outstanding advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, fast speed, less failure and low use cost. This model is also suitable for the transformation of traditional presses, thus providing a better choice for the low-cost development of enterprises.
J58 series clutch type electric screw press features:
1. Make up for the lack of hitting energy, and increase the impact energy by more than 40% compared with the first generation.
2, using PLC full digital control, the impact force and speed are precisely adjustable, suitable for precision forging.
3, the strike speed is fast, the stencil time is short, which greatly improves the service life of the mold.
4, strong anti-offset ability, can achieve multi-station die forging.
5, energy saving effect is significant, more than 30% energy saving than friction press.
6. Simple structure, convenient maintenance and low failure rate.
7, humanized human-machine interface design, can be equipped with automated production equipment, high degree of mechanization.