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Users who use our J58-1600 ton electric screw press equipment sent a thank you letter

 Used our company's J58-1600 tons of electric screw presses users to send a thank you letter, thank you for the company's products have brought them good benefits We are honored to help users, thank you for your support.

J58 series electric screw press is a national patent product independently developed by Qingdao Yiyou Forging Machinery Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights. It is a forging equipment with strong process adaptability.

1,  press structure

According to the principle of unbreakable first division, the machine frame adopts split prestressed structure, and the upper beam, left and right column and base are pre-tightened by hydraulic pretensioning devices through four high-strength tensioning bolts to form a closed type. Force framework.

2,  top material device

The hydraulic bottoming device is installed in the base, and the oil is supplied by a separate pumping station, and the top material force and the ejector stroke can be adjusted.

3,  slider and guide

The lower part of the slider has a four-shaped guide surface in the shape of an X, and a cylindrical guide surface on the upper portion. This structure of the slider makes the total guiding length H of the J58 press much larger than the length H of the X-shaped guiding surface, so the press is extremely resistant to eccentric forging, and is very suitable for multi-station die forging.

4,  lubrication system

The press adopts oil-immersed and high-pressure oil pump to strongly lubricate the thin oil lubrication system, and supplies oil to the sliding parts of the slide rail and the screw respectively. Larger possible reduction in frictional resistance.

5,  overload protection device

The flywheel adopts the disc spring type overload protection device, which effectively eliminates the damage caused by the cold impact force generated by the equipment under abnormal use. Extends the life of the machine.


6,  Brake system

The brake adopts the brake-type disc spring brake method, which has large braking torque and is safe and reliable.

7,   Electrical system

The electrical system adopts the American Emerson programmable controller (PLC) master control, and is equipped with Taiwan programmable panel, which can display three working interfaces: process parameter operation interface, process parameter setting interface and fault display interface. The US QUIK LEARN or HERMAN tonnage display can also be selected according to user needs.

8,   Security

The upper part of the equipment is a closed platform, which can prevent the object from falling and endangering personal safety. Because of the change in the transmission mode, the friction material for the transmission is omitted, and the friction dust harmful to the human body is not generated.