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J58B series electric screw press introduction

At the request of the majority of users, the J58B series electric screw press is now briefly introduced:
  J58B series electric screw press is a new generation electric screw press independently developed by Qingdao Yiyou Forging Machinery Co., Ltd. It is a forging equipment with strong process applicability. It can be used for both hot forging and precision forging and finishing. The press is driven by a switched reluctance motor. It is controlled by PLC and equipped with Taiwan programmable panel. It has two kinds of striking energy adjustable. The striking force can be adjusted by the potentiometer on the panel. The striking force and striking energy can be adjusted according to the forming precision. To reduce the mechanical stress and thermal contact time of the mold and extend the life of the mold. While inheriting the advantages of the previous generation of electric screw presses, it has the outstanding advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, fast speed, less failure and low cost of use.

This model is also suitable for the transformation of traditional presses, thus providing a better choice for the low-cost development of enterprises.

J58B series electric screw press technical parameters
Qingdao Yiyou Forging Machinery Co., Ltd.
model Nominal force (kn) Maximum pressure (kn) Moving part energy (kj) Slider stroke (mm) Number of trips (per min) Workbench size (mm) Minimum mold height (mm) Motor power (kw)
J58B-300 3000 5000 16 360 30 800*670 320 37
J58B-400 4000 6000 40 500 30 820*730 400 55
J58B-630 6300 9500 65 600 30 920*820 470 90
J58B-1000 10000 15000 130 700 30 1200*1000 500 132
J58B-1600 16000 32000 235 700 30 1250*1100 550 132*2