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Introduction of structural performance of MP hot forging press

MP hot forging press

Hot forging presses are widely used in pressure mechanics for parts of automobiles, trains, ships, aviation, mining machinery and hardware tools. They are indispensable precision forging machines in modern forging plants.

1, the fuselage mechanism. The fuselage is a split structure. The beam, column and base of the press are fastened together by four tie rods to form a rigid frame with high rigidity. There are working windows on both sides of the fuselage to facilitate the transfer of forgings and use in automated assembly lines. operation.

2. Slide rail structure. The guiding device is composed of a front beam, a rear beam, a guide plate, a wedge and the like. The guide rail adopts a 45° X-shaped structure with a slider clearance of about 0.34 mm. The X-shaped guide rail is not sensitive to temperature. When the forging temperature is constant, the slider gap can be adjusted to be smaller than the existing gap.

3. The slider adjusts the structure. This series of presses adopts electric slider lifting and adjusting device. The adjusting motor fixed on the front beam drives the worm through the coupling and the bevel gear, and the worm and the pressure pin engage to adjust.

4. Linkage mechanism. The press belongs to the link type hot die forging press, the connecting rod is integral, and the double link design is adopted to make the guiding precision of the slider higher (single link is adopted below 16000KN).

5. Clutch system. Separate air-operated friction clutch is adopted, and the clutch is mounted on the large gear. When the clutch valve is ventilated, the rotary motion of the large gear is transmitted to the eccentric shaft through the friction disc to drive the link slider to move; when the clutch valve is exhausted, the clutch The torque is no longer transmitted and the eccentric shaft stops moving. The clutch also acts as an overload protection for the press.

6, the brake system. Separate pneumatically operated friction brakes are also used. The brakes use compressed air to disengage the friction disc and provide the required braking torque by friction. A circulating water cooling device is provided on the brake housing and the pressure plate to remove the frictional heat of the brake.

7. Lubrication system. The press adopts the lubrication method of dry oil automatic lubrication and thin oil manual lubrication to effectively reduce the friction loss.

8. Balance device. The pneumatic cylinder balancer is equipped with two balance cylinders above the frame to balance the weight of the eccentric shaft, connecting rod and slider. The rear balance cylinder also has an attached cylinder for tightening or loosening the eccentric pressure pin.

9, the transmission system. The press is a secondary drive. It consists of a motor, a small pulley, a V-belt, a drive shaft, a bearing housing, a pinion gear and an adjusting bolt.

10, free from the boring car system. It adopts the special mold height adjustment and unwinding and boring device, and is equipped with a special adjustment motor for operation. This is the patented technology developed by our company (patent number: ZL200720019899.2), which is simple in structure and convenient to operate.

11, electronic control system. It adopts PLC control, with tonnage indicating device, bearing temperature monitoring device and oil level monitoring device, which automatically monitors the working state of the press and realizes multiple safe operating loop systems to ensure operator safety.

Forgings forged by MP hot forging presses have high precision, high material utilization rate, high production efficiency and easy automation. Therefore, they are widely used in modern forging production, especially suitable for organizing large-scale assembly line die forgings. It has become the main equipment for the production of high precision die forgings. It is widely used in the pressure processing of parts for automobiles, trains, ships, aviation, mining machinery and hardware tools, such as engine connecting rods, crankshafts, automobile steering knuckles, chain links, tableware and wrenches.

The main advantages of MP hot forging press:

1. The striking speed is fast, the mold thermal contact time is short, and the mold has a long service life.

2. High production efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance and low production cost.

3, top and bottom material design, saving forging materials, saving energy.

4. It has a special card liberation device, which is quick to disassemble and easy to operate.

5. Adopt PLC control to realize multiple safe operation loop system to ensure operator safety.

6, there are working windows on both sides of the rack, forgings are convenient to transfer, suitable for automated production.

7. The US tonnage numerical control instrument is used to visually display the actual forging force, and there is an overload warning device.

8, with a comprehensive and reliable centralized lubrication system and manual replenishment lubrication system to effectively reduce friction losses.

Because of these advantages, hot forging presses are the dominant models used in the foreign forging industry, and have been widely used in China recently. Yiyou Forging is one of the few manufacturers in China that produces large-scale hot forging presses with a capacity of over 63,000KN.

After more than 20 years of development, Yiyou Forge customers throughout the country: Dongan, BYD, Zhuyao, Hongbao, Lesotho, Changli, Fuhua Heavy Industry, Guizhou Anda, Quanzhou Qixing, Quanyong, Wuhan Union and Xi'an Iron Winning, Shiyan Yixing, Changchun Hongda, Jining Wenzheng, Henan Ding, Xuchang Zhongxing, Shaoxing Yuedu, Sichuan Zhongyou, Shanghai HNA and other forging companies have chosen Yiyou forging products.