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General operating procedures for friction presses

       The friction press is a friction driven screw press, also known as a double disc friction press. The snoring transmission that receives the friction wheel of the flywheel and the relative movement of the common screw and nut are used. Because of its diversified use, easy construction, easy installation, handling and auxiliary equipment, and expensive, it is widely used in stamping and forging workshops in machinery manufacturing, automobiles, tractors, aviation and other industries. It can also be eliminated. The friction press is also a building material machine that is widely used in the production of ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles and refractory products.

Thirty-three search names for double-disc friction presses

1 The base of the friction press should match the request of the machine tool, and there is no crack.

2 The friction disc takes no oil outside the flywheel, and the lock nut that mediates the gap is reliable.

3 The friction disc has no crack and the skew is less than 1mm.

4 The bearing housing has a strong connection and no looseness.

5 The ribbed non-sliding wire on the upper side of the friction press main shaft.

6 Fasten the flywheel to the compression bolts on the main screw without loosening.

7 Friction press belt take-up flywheel groove is well separated, no "soft" scene.

8. Before starting, the handle of the press should be in the middle position, check whether the mold is between the male and female molds, otherwise it should be adjusted in time; check whether the safety support is under the hammer and check Triangular belt tightness.

9. The raw material should be sprayed with water (0.5%~1%) and evenly stirred. Add to the upper edge of the cavity when feeding.

10. The friction belt rivet is made of copper, and the rivet head has no exposed image.

11. The friction belt has no beneficial injury or broken scene, and no lubricating oil is immersed.

12. Friction press The main screw is pressed and the flange is firmly connected and twisted.

13. The postman can perform the briquetting operation under the premise of determining no unsafe factors, and push the safety support under the hammerhead before discharging.

The above are the dozens of search titles for the double-disc friction press, which should be carefully observed by employees.