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Use, characteristics and main technical parameters of hot forging press

The hot forging press is one of the main die forging equipments, suitable for the production of large batches with high precision. Forging workshop.


1, high stiffness, accuracy

2, strong anti-tilt ability of the slider

3, number of slider strokes high. When the mold is retracted, the life is increased

4, and there is a top and bottom ejector device, which is suitable for the small inclination of the mold, and has a device for releasing the "small car". Operation errors and low temperatures are classified into two categories according to the working mechanism: link type and wedge type.

Second Heavy Machinery Factory: MP series, KP series wedge type according to German EUMUCO technology Shenyang Heavy Machinery Factory: double fulcrum connecting rod, elephant nose slider Japan Komatsu CAH, C2S series

(1), link type

Stage drive, pneumatic interlocking clutch brakes like nose slider, additional guide surface, improved anti-tilt capability, double-wedge worktable, adjustable mold height, upper and lower top piece device


(2), wedge type

1, drive wedge, 30° inclination angle, surface quenching, workpiece deformation force is generally transmitted to the crankshaft connecting rod. , small size. Advantages: 1. The slider can withstand high eccentric load capacity, small inclination, favorable multi-turn die forging, automation, small bearing force and wear, and the slider can withstand a large area of nominal pressure, 24%. It is 3 times double point and can withstand 60% of the nominal pressure area of 80%. For double point 3.5 times, forging the same slender rod, the inclination is less than 1/3.

2. High rigidity and high precision for forgings. The fuselage is pre-tightened, and the vertical deformation is small, which is 60% for single point, 75% for double point, and the height of the mold is adjusted by the eccentric sleeve of the crankshaft, which is convenient and reliable. Complex structure, high cost, suitable for more than 63000KN