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Inspection of friction presses

Safety procedures for friction presses

1. Enter the post 15 minutes in advance, hand in hand, wear protective equipment when you work. Check that all equipment, facilities and tools are in good condition. The workplace should be kept clean and tidy. Materials and tools should be placed in the designated location.

2. Pre-class and after-class meetings are held as required. According to the task before the class, do a hazard analysis, arrange safety measures, pay attention to matters, safety summary and review after class, and correctly evaluate safety hazards. , timely processing, criticism. Neglect safety, illegal operation and other undesirable phenomena, and make a record.

3. In the production process, do "three nos" (do not harm yourself, not be hurt by others, do not hurt others), and put an end to "three violations" (violation of rules, illegal operations) Violation of labor discipline).

4. Long-term idle equipment should be thoroughly inspected before use.

5. The mechanical and electrical equipment, tools, vehicles and on-site of the team must be safe and free of hidden dangers. Safety guards and facilities are complete and reliable.

6. The equipment is clean and has no operation, no falling off and no leakage. The production and operation environment is clean and hygienic, no garbage, oil, debris, materials, tools are placed neatly, and the safety passage is smooth.

7. Before starting the press, check that the bolts of the various components are loose. The press can only be started without loosening or bolting. Check that the lubrication points are lubricated. It is forbidden to forcibly start without lubrication.

8. Start the air compressor before starting the press. The press can only be started when the pressure of the air compressor reaches 0.5 MPa or higher. It is strictly forbidden to operate in the reverse order, resulting in an accident.