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The current status and development trend of hot forging presses

hot forging pressThe 1930s. In 1931, the hot die forging press designed and manufactured by Natongal Machinery Company was similar to the basic composition of the stiffness and components. It has been used in the flat forging machine that has appeared for more than 100 years. The structure is rigidly connected, and the clutch is placed on the drive shaft. At the same time, the hot forging press fundamentally reduces the contact time between the heated forging or blank and the die and the cooling time of the surface layer of the forging while increasing the speed, which establishes the prerequisites for ensuring more precise forging of complex wrought forgings. . Due to the increased number of strokes of the original hot forging press, a series of new problems have arisen: the clutch can not work satisfactorily, and the active pinion wears and breaks due to the constant overload of the passive large gear during the working stroke. Therefore, in the 1940s, the clutch was moved to the eccentric shaft, and the safety friction clutch was placed on the flywheel. Since then, the improvement of the hot forging press of the transmission structure has mainly focused on improving the working characteristics of the various components. At the same time, the auxiliary mechanism has been widely used.