EF, EM series clutch type high energy electric screw press

EF, EM series clutch type high energy electric screw press
EF, EM series clutch type high energy electric screw press

Yiyou Forging New Generation EF.EM Series Intelligent CNC High Energy Electric Clutch

      Introduction to spiral press forging electrical control system

      The new clutch type High-energy electric screw press is a new intergenerational product, representing the higher technical crystallization of the press, integrating the advantages of various types of presses, and solving the shortcomings of most models. This model has four kinds of equipment functions: hot die forging, high energy and electric spiral friction press. The design concept of this model is simple in energy saving structure and low in failure rate. It is a more advanced forging equipment in the forging industry in China for more than 60 years. A new third-generation forging equipment in the forging industry.

      Its new development of a new generation of intelligent CNC forging controller system for China's intelligent manufacturing products.

      Yiyou Forging new forging electrical control system, abandoning the traditional PLC control scheme, switching to custom intelligent microprocessor control scheme and increasing Internet of Things features. Based on increased cost performance, reduced use and maintenance costs, there is a huge upgrade in ease of use and availability.

      Seamless integration of IoT functions compared to traditional PLC solutions, enabling forging control with 24/7 remote access Control monitoring capabilities. Through the high-performance cloud server ECS, users can view, configure, authorize, diagnose and record alarm information for specific forging equipment using the mobile phone or PC browser. It saves a lot of manpower and material input from manufacturers and increases production efficiency. Yiyou Forging's innovation in the industry is in line with the purpose of strengthening the manufacturing of intelligent manufacturing.

      In addition to all the features of the previous generation PLC system, it also has the following special advantages,

      (1) Adopting highly intelligent management, using the Internet of Things to monitor the real-time mobile phone data of the device, the device operation status is transmitted to the manufacturer in time, and the application is analyzed and solved in a short time. The actual problems that arise, the use of the network to eliminate customer downtime, so that customer profits are guaranteed.

      (2) Field wiring except motor line (six lines), wireless wiring, high technology content, greatly reduced equipment failure rate.

      (3) Using visual control, it detects that there are automatic blows in the equipment to prevent human error. (4) The electrical appliance adopts ARM production chip, which has extremely high reliability and is widely used in the military industry. It is a perfect replacement for single-chip microcomputer, and it is fast, and it covers the drone and robot industry.

      (5) The system has high scalability. Can be extended according to customer requirements, such as automatic inkjet, etc., without the need for additional investment from the user, want the user to think, anxious users.

      (6) Convenient robotic connection, electrical reserved interface can be arbitrarily connected to the market circulation robot or robot, such as Japan Fanuc , Kawasaki, or European KUKA, etc.

      (7) Equipment energy consumption is extremely low, saving energy compared to the second generation electric screw press More than 50%, for example, a 45T electric screw press with a 45KW motor, this equipment can only use 22KW motor, and the impact force and blow precision far exceeds the electric screw press.

      (8) Safety, environmental protection and energy saving, no friction block pollution source, in line with the state-conserved construction-saving society (9 low cost of electrical appliances, The customer does not need special electrician maintenance, and everything has intelligent fuzzy management. It saves labor costs. When the controller hardware fails, the user engineer directly replaces it with a new controller, and only needs to plug and unplug several fixed terminals to recover. No need for factory: The technicians go to the site to save the travel expenses and not delay the user's production. The fault controller is sent directly to the original factory for repair.

  EF, EM clutch type high energy electric screw press is - The new cross-generation product integrates the advantages of various types of presses and solves the shortcomings of most models. This model has the advantages and functions of four types of equipment: hot die forging, high energy, electric screw and friction press. The design is energy-saving, simple in structure and low in failure rate. It is a new forging equipment in the forging industry for more than 60 years in China, and a new third-generation forging equipment in the forging industry. The first generation of friction presses has high energy consumption and structure. Complexity, failure rate Low precision, difficult to operate, low safety factor, will be eliminated by the market. The second generation of electric screw presses consumes high energy, the motor power required for the same tonnage striking force is large, the failure rate is high, precision forging cannot be performed, and it is difficult to achieve large tonnage Press manufacturing and precision forging machinery production.

      The third generation EF, EM series clutch type high energy electric screw press The two generations of products have significantly improved, mainly have ten advantages:

      1, motor power is lower than ordinary electric presses 50. 2, the strike speed is 2 times faster than the ordinary electric press.

      3, combat energy, and high-energy presses The same, regardless of the stroke limit, can output the set energy power at any position.

      4, the clutch does not use hydraulic cylinder, lower the bottom The maintenance amount can be compared with hot die forging and energy saving.

      5, simple structure, low failure rate, easy to use, Compared with hot die forging.

      6, bring the next dead point, improve the security. Can achieve trimming, punching, correction and other functions.

      7, mold life can be increased by 2 times.

      8, energy saving, burrs can save fifty.

      9, electrical integration intelligent, with remote control function, easy to use, once adjusted procedures, no longer need professional engineers to adjust program.

      10, Safety, environmental protection and energy conservation, in line with the state-conserved construction-saving society.

      This new press is divided into two series EF, EM


      EF series clutch type high-energy electric screw press is a small press of 100-1000 tons. It adopts integral body and tie rod structure, which increases the rigidity of the fuselage and improves the precision of forged workpiece. It can be used in one machine and can be used as a forging equipment. It can also be used as a punching machine for trimming and correction, etc. It works fast and has a dead point. The structure is simple and trouble-free, and it is extremely energy-saving.

      EM series clutch type high energy electric screw press is a large forging equipment, from 1600 tons to 40,000 tons, strength and energy come from Clutch, low motor power, energy saving and high efficiency, can be used for precision forging. It is a large and advanced forging equipment in China.

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