J93 double disc friction brick press / J69 series composite friction brick machine

J93 double disc friction brick press / J69 series composite friction brick machine
J93 double disc friction brick press / J69 series composite friction brick machine

J93/J67 series Double disc friction brick press is a series of products designed according to the requirements of refractory pressing process. The product adopts advanced technology such as full-stroke braking and friction overload insurance, and has the characteristics of simple structure, large striking force, high stroke number, safe and reliable work, convenient use and maintenance.

Main technical parameters

< td="">J93-2500< td="">6300< td="">75

Nominal Force4000100001600025000KN
Allow work force630010000160002560040000KN
Maximum working force800012600 200003200050000KN
slider stroke500600700700800< d="">min-1
Number of trips2013 10109mm
Minimum height 520650700750980mm
pad thickness

Top Brick moderigidityrigidityrigidity


top brick trip350350500

slider bottom surface before and after6357001190 10002000mm
left and right6356808009001060mm
Work Countertop before and after820920120012502000mm
left and right730820100011001200mm
shape sizelong21104387< d="">600058504847mm
wide 28124694567057506797mm
high51556060722582609560< d="">mm
Main motor power3755130115×2kw
Quality< d="">17900378006732089000200000kg

J69 composite friction brick press

J69 composite The friction brick press is a special equipment for the compression molding of magnesia carbon brick, high aluminum brick and thin refractory brick. The machine can realize the functions of preloading, vacuum suction and blow molding. It adopts programmable control, full hydraulic control, and has the characteristics of light and heavy sorting. It is an ideal brick making equipment.

main technical parameters

< td="">mm< td="">3400×2634×7600< td="">7373×4867×10340
Project Model single
J67-400J67-630J69- 630J67-1000J69-1000J67-1600J69-1600
Nominal force400063006300 10000100001600016000KN
Maximum force800012600126002000020000 3200032000KN
slider stroke 630< d="">550550700700700600mm
Number of times
11131311119 9min-1
minimum seal height1040113011301280128014201420
Workbench pad thickness120180 100200200220220mm
underside<(>left and right x around)
700×<650>1200 × 920 1200 × 920 Td>1800×112001800×11200mm
Workbench Face (front and rear × left and right)950×, 8501250×12501450 ×12121250×12501450×12502000×16 16002220×<>mm
top brick force

top Itinerary 500450800300-600800300-600850mm
host size size4160×4700×78806000×<4>× 87703880×5770×95506000×5770×973010600×7300×10500mm
Main motor power45757590 90132132KW
quality 30000700008300090000110000180000220000< d="">kg

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